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A food company for optimists

Now in Whole Foods Market

Now in Whole Foods Market Stores

You asked, we delivered. Our delicious Dairy-Free Cream Cheese is now available in Whole Foods Market, along with our Meatless Breakfast Patties. Head to your local store to get all the taste that keeps you holding on to cream cheese, with no dairy, nuts, or soy.

So long, dairy cream cheese. Say hi to Fy™.

Two containers of Nature's Fynd Dairy-Free Cream Cheese on a wooden cutting board


Feed your optimism.

We make Fy Protein into foods you know and love, like our Meatless Breakfast Patties and Dairy-Free Cream Cheese, which are available at grocery stores nationwide. We'll be in more retailers soon, so sign up for our emails to fynd out exactly where we’ll be next.

  • Meatless Original Breakfast Patties

  • Meatless Maple Flavored
    Breakfast Patties

  • Dairy-Free Original Cream Cheese

  • Dairy-Free Chive & Onion Cream Cheese

Nature's Fynd Meatless Breakfast Patties on a plate with grapefruit, blackberries, kiwi, pineapple, and two slices of toast. Four juicy Nature's Fynd Meatless Sausage Patties in a cast iron skillet. Nature's Fynd Dairy-Free Original Cream Cheese on everything bagel with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, kalamata olives, and capers on yellow plate. Nature's Fynd Dairy-Free Original Cream Cheese on a toasted bagel. A knife with a dollop of dairy-free cream cheese sits to the side.

Vegan Fy Dressing Trio

Fy Dressing Trio handcrafted
with Chef Eric Ripert

We sold out of the Vegan Fy Dressing Trio! Our partnership with Chef Eric Ripert will continue, so keep your eye out for more foodie fun. And if you missed out, fear not, we have more foods made with Fy that you can enjoy.

Fy Protein

Say hello to Fy.

A delicious, nutritious, and sustainable protein.

Fy is a nutritional fungi protein, and a complete protein at that, with all 9 essential amino acids. Growing it with our breakthrough fermentation technology uses just a fraction of the water, land, and energy compared to animal protein sources*. Fy is the versatile protein the planet needs now and Hank Green is here to break down why in a—wait for it—digestible way.

*Source: Fy environmental performance modeled at scale, 2021

Fy mat in a tray

Who We Are

We're on a quest to

dramatically improve our

food system.

Close up shot of a child sitting on parent's shoulders
Bill Weir from CNN trying Nature's Fynd food.

The word is out.

“And so, from this fridge, we can literally feed the world.”

"The microbe was discovered in the ground in a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Without soil or fertilizer it can be grown to produce this nutritional protein—that can then be turned into a variety of foods with a small carbon footprint."

“Eating them [Nature’s Fynd foods], I felt I was doing good without sacrificing all that much.”

“There are some of these products, like the Nature’s Fynd ones that come out later this year, where I really could not tell. In fact, I actually thought it was better."

“This cream cheese doesn’t have any milk—just lots of ‘Fusarium strain flavolapis.’”

“While Impossible and Beyond burgers grab all the headlines, a much more humble foodstuff is poised to lead the next wave of alternative proteins.”

“With the green light to make products for consumers, Nature's Fynd could have the distinct advantage of being one of the first of the new fermentation companies to make it to plates and pantries.”

“Pitching both a non-dairy cream cheese and meatless breakfast patties, Nature’s Fynd had managed to attract some serious investors, including Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management...”

This Sustainable Food Brand Requires No Sunlight, Soil or Rain. And It Sold Out Instantly.
“Fancy a bite of vegan meat made from volcanic fungi? You may soon be able to snag some at the grocery store.”
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