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Like most great beginnings,

our roots are in nature.

Two people walking near misty geysers in Yellowstone National Park

Born from extreme environments.

Millions of years ago, in an acidic hot spring at what is today Yellowstone National Park, a remarkable microbe evolved. In 2009, one of our co-founders, Mark Kozubal, was a Ph.D. student researching extremophiles at the park. This work was done under a research permit and supported by the National Science Foundation and NASA to better understand how life thrives in adverse environments. Mark collected samples from an acidic hot spring without causing any negative impact to the area, and from it, isolated and discovered the remarkable microbe. Its name? Fusarium strain flavolapis.

Sketch of a rack of Fy mat trays

Building the future of food
with nature's technology.

Our curious co-founders—a group of scientists, explorers, and optimists—came together to develop a technology that could take the potential of this microbe and create a sustainable food source for the globe's growing population. But this was far from a simple task. It took miles of duct tape and sleepless nights, and building new machines out of old ones. Eventually, inspired by nature’s simplicity and efficiency, they invented a breakthrough fermentation technology with a 24/7, 365-days-a-year growing cycle without the need for sun, rain, or soil.

Woman and man preparing burgers made out of Fy

A nutrient-rich discovery in food.

By fermenting Fusarium strain flavolapis, they produced what came to be called Fy Protein™. And it was a wonder—a complete protein with all 20 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Perfect for making all kinds of vegan, amazing-tasting, nutrition-packed foods.

Waterfall and Grand Canyon in Yellowstone National Park

The Earth has earned a breather.

Driven by a belief that human ingenuity and scientific curiosity could solve our planet's challenges, we set out to discover nature's solutions. Today, we want to share these solutions with the world. And together, we can give the Earth a breather. Let it rest. Rebuild. Even be renewed.

Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan in the background

We explore in Bozeman.
We grow Fy in Chicago.
We’re optimistic about feeding the globe.

A few hours north of Yellowstone, our Research & Development team is based in Bozeman, Montana. We grow Fy in Chicago, historically the world's center of protein and food production. In fact, our office is at the very place once known as the meatpacking center of the world—Chicago’s Union Stockyards.


Our ongoing work with Yellowstone National Park.

Overhead view of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

Who We Are

We believe in

discovery, curiosity,

community, and above

all optimism.

Green rolling hills with evergreen trees in Yellowstone National Park